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Church of St. Anthony

Church of St. Anthony is a religious building in the former town of Velyki Mezhirichi (now a village in the Korets Raion (district)). It is an architectural monument of national importance in Ukraine.
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Church of St. Anthony

Church of St. Anthony is a religious building in the former town of Velyki Mezhirichi (now a village in the Korets Raion (district)). It is an architectural monument of national importance in Ukraine.

It was built in 1702–1725 at the expense of the ruler of the village, the Krakow starosta (community elder), Prince Jerzy Dominik Lubomirski.

The architect was Wojciech (Adalbert) Lenartowicz, a master in the Lubomir workshop of stonecutters and stonemasons, the author of the projects of such churches as the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary into Heaven (Uhniv, Sokal Raion, Lviv Oblast (region) of western Ukraine), St. Mark's Church (a partially destroyed Roman Catholic church in the former city of Variazh (Waręż), in Lviv Oblast of western Ukraine) and Catholic church in Novoukrainka. Bishop Stefan Bogusław Rupniewski (Rupniоwski) conducted the consecration of the church in 1725.

The church is designed in the individual style of architect Wojciech Lenartowicz with different volumes, each of which has its own baroque pediment.

The church was made of stone and originally had an organ. The apse is rectangular. The vaults are cruciform. Nowadays the interiors are destroyed. Western facade in restrained baroque shapes with thin pilasters and two side towers with stairs. The towers have niches for sculptures in 2 tiers. The church is now abandoned, it stands empty and needs restoration, it is used in no manner.

In November 2014, the local community reburied human remains near the church that were previously found inside on the ground floor.

The building is brick, three-nave, four-sided. The middle nave is allocated in spatial structure of an interior; it is much wider than the lateral ones, has a deep disclosure of the internal space. The lateral divisions of the narthex with a spiral staircase are completed by two-tiered bell towers. On the outside, the walls of the house are divided by pilasters. Windows are located high. The building is decorated with three Baroque pediments. The interior was rich in plastic decor.

Collegium of the Order of Poor Clerics Regular of the Mother of God of the Pious Schools (Piarists)

The Collegium of Piarists (the oldest Catholic educational order, also known as the Scolopi, Escolapios or Poor Clerics of the Mother of God) was built at the expense of the Lubomirski. Its buildings were located next to the church. Initially, only 18 students studied here, however, in 1784 their number increased to 250. All rectors of the college were famous people. In particular, one of the rectors of this educational institution, Dominik Aleksander Gabriel Szybiński, published a textbook on calligraphy, in which he arranged the written Polish language. Others translated well-known classical written works.

Location: in the centre, near the school.

Area: 220m2.

Ownership: state.

Condition: partially destroyed.

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Rivne Region, vul. Sadova, Velyki Mezhyrichi, Korets Raion (district)

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