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The Polish mark in the history of Korechchyna

Historically, the Right Bank of Ukraine, including Korets, has been part of Poland for a long time. In Korets district, Polish cultural heritage is widely represented. In particular, it will be interesting to visit a Roman Catholic church with a dungeon in Korets. The figure of the missionary and pastor Seraphim Kashuba, who secretly held worship in Korets during the religious persecution, is closely linked to the church. Since December 22, 2001, the Beatification ( the process of canonization) has been ongoing in Rome.


The grave of Polish soldiers is located on the territory of the Church, and within the city limits there is a public cemetery where famous military and local Catholic figures are buried. The building of the Polish Outpost has remained almost unchanged in Korets. The famous center of Polish culture in Volhynia is also Mezhyrich of Korets. In the village Velyki Mezhyrichi saved the former Stetsky Palace . It was here that the first Botanical garden in Volhynia was founded, the remains of which have survived to our times. Nearby is the Roman Catholic Church of St. Anthony, whose construction was supervised by the Polish architect Wojciech Lenartowicz.

Half an hour's journey and every tourist can see the Dominican Church of the Holy Trinity in the village of Nevirkiv. Despite the emergency condition of the object, the name in Polish was preserved at the entrance  ,, From your gifts, God, Jan Stetsky, , sacrifices to you, 1807” and icons-frescoes of Jesus Christ and the virgin Mary..  

Interesting thematic locations is the village of Storozhiv  (during the independence of Ukraine, there is a figure of the Mother of God in honor of the Catholic religious community, which was destroyed during the Nazi occupation ,, gulyanka - - the resting place of master's family)

 And the village of Frankopil (there was preserved a stone that marked the possession of Count Potocki and larch grove).

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